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Swonn Grafitti Artist

Swoon (American, born 1977) is a notable street artist who has contributed to the pop art movement. Swonn was born in New London, CT and grew up in Daytona Beach, FL. The name of the artist is Caledonia Dance Curry. In 1997, she moved to New York, where she received a BA in Fine Arts from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.

One of their famous pieces is called Anthropocene Extinction. Swoon's signature works include life-size human forms, which they create from recycled newspaper. It takes weeks to paint and cut each figure in her studio, and once the forms are complete, she takes them to the streets of New York and sticks them to the side of the buildings with wheat paste. The creations are not as durable as spray paint, but they remain for a long time. To find a spot to hang their artworks, Swoon rides around the streets of New York to search for suitable places. As soon as she has found a room that is large enough and has a lot of visibility, she depends on art alone. They find their creations on garbage cans, light masts, walls, doors, roofs and walkways in the city of New York; The figures have proved themselves critically.

Swoon was heavily influenced by Gordon Matta-Clark, who was known for his temporary work in the streets of the city. In his series Building Cuts, he went to buildings that were demolished and pieces of art created from sections he had cut from doors, walls, floors and ceilings.
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