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Dirk Dzimirsky Real Pencil Artist

With his unusual passion for realistic art, Dirk Dzimirsky was already a child. His greatest interest in his drawings and paintings has always been the human representation. After the Abitur and self-discovery, the art for a long time was only an accessory income, before the autodidact decided to direct its art into professional courses and freed itself as a freelance artist in 2005.

His partly large-format pictures are characterized by an honest and uncompromising portrayal of the human being, as well as by a sensitive and psychological view of the portrayed, which he reproduces with the most precise detail description and fine craftsmanship.

Dzimirsky's work is represented in exhibitions and exhibitions at home and abroad (in New York and London, among others), as well as in numerous collections world-wide. His works also appear regularly in international publications.
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