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Flowering Orchards By Vincent van Gogh, Oil Painting

Flowering Orchards By Vincent van Gogh, Oil Painting

Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890): Orchard in Bloom with Poplars; Flowering Orchards; View of Arles (detail), 1889, oil on canvas, 72 × 92 cm (2.3 × 3 ft), Neue Pinakothek, Munich, Germany

View of Arles; Flowering Orchards is executed in spring 1889 by Van Gogh, as one of several paintings he produced in his Flowering Orchards series while living in Arles.

It supplies a view across a canal and the poplars on its board towards the historical center of Arles, with the towers of Saint-Trophime and Notre-Dame-le-major to the left.
Around Arles, there were many fruit orchards. Soon after Van Gogh arrived there in 1888, the spring came. He enthusiastically painted a variety of flowering fruit trees: apricot, almond, apple, peach and in this case plum. However Van Gogh was not satisfied. He took this canvas with him to Saint-Rémy and kept working on it from memory. 'I have found a way better to express the harmony of the tones', he writes in one of his letters.

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